Zircon helps you to recognize you are a spiritual being on a human journey.  Zircon overcomes racism, prejudice, discrimination, victimization, homophobia and misogyny in any lifetime. Was traditionally known as a Stone of Virtue, it promotes letting go of old love, opening to new love and teaches constancy, promotes unconditional love for yourself and others  .  Zircon is know to have been  used to protect against robbery, disease, bodily harm and lightning and also in overcoming jealousy and possessiveness.

NOTE: Avoid if you wear a pacemaker or are epileptic  as it will cause dizziness. Cubic Zircon (the man-made form) has considerably diluted powers.

Healing:  Zircon is beneficial for synergy, sciatica, cramp, insomnia, depression, bones, muscles, vertigo, liver.

Chakra: depends on colour