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Crystal Harmony and Healing offer beautiful gemstone and crystal jewellery from around the world all set in Sterling Silver.

We also offer a large range of crystals in their natural state for your collection.

If you are new to crystals and gemstones you will find a great deal of information as you travel around our website that will enlighten you on the great powers they possess.

We are all energy, and that energy, when out of sync can create both mental and physical imbalance. However a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner can restore a person  back to a true state of positivity and health by working with the healing properties of crystals. 

If you feel in need of help in any area of your life we offer the services of Crystal Healing by the websites owner Linda Williams.

Linda is a Psychic, Medium, and  a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. Feel free to contact Linda on this website or you can go to www.lindawilliamspsychic.com.au for more information on her and her services.

There is also information on  Linda and the healing services via the top menu on this website.. ‘Crystal Healing’

Browse around our website to gain knowledge about gemstones and crystals.

Our natural crystals are sourced from only the best and are also all hand-picked by us personally, cleansed, and are then  wrapped up ready to go to their new home.

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