Protective Crystals

Cleansing Prayer Cleansing Prayer - This is the Cleansing Prayer to use each day before you retire. It will cleanse your aura from anything it has picked up during the day. Each day we come into contact with others. Riding… Read more
Orgonite - Orgonite  Often sold in the shape of pyramids Orgonite is an amazing substance, formed from resin, metals, and quartz and it is based on Wilhelm Reich's scientific research culminating in the existence of what he… Read more
Shungite - Shungite Over two billion years old,  found only in Russia,  Shungite has phenomenal shielding and purifying power that arises from its unique formation. It protects against radiation, electromagnetic and geopathic stress, microwave and other vibrational… Read more
Tiger Eye - Tiger Eye Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection, grounding, good fortune,  and will lift our mood as it has the connection to the high vibrational energies of the sun, drawing spiritual energies to earth.… Read more
Tourmaline (Black) - Tourmaline : Black  (Schorl) Black Tourmaline is in my opinion a MUST HAVE  in your collection as it is a powerful stone at deflecting negative energies, protecting against EMFs radiation and geopollutants and can be… Read more
Turquoise - Turquoise Turquoise is an all-round environmental healer and cleanser, dispelling negative energy, clearing electromagnetic smog and protecting against environmental pollutants.  This beautiful stone has been used for century's as an amulet, to balance and align… Read more
Unakite - Unakite Unakite  balances emotions with spirituality. It brings a calm gentle energy and protects us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution from television sets and other EMF sources. It opens and promotes visualization and… Read more