Tourmaline Colors :

Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite)

Blue Tourmaline helps activate the throat and third eye and aids psychic awareness, dissolves sadness and blocked feelings, bringing them up gently to the surface for healing.

Used in healing, bright Blue Tourmaline is a useful diagnostic tool, identifying underlying causes of dis-ease. Traditionally used on the throat, larynx, lungs, oesophagus and eyes, it also treats kidney, bladder, thymus and thyroid, and chronic sore throat and is helpful for insomnia, night sweats, sinusitis, bacterial infections, pulmonary and immune systems and the brain, and balances fluid imbalances.

Watermelon Tourmaline : (pink enfolded in green)

This lovely combination of pink and green colouring Watermelon Tourmaline activate the heart chakra, fostering love, tenderness and friendship, treating emotional dysfunction, releasing old pain and helping to find the joy in situations.   It encourages patience, alleviates depression and fear, promotes inner security and assists understanding, making it beneficial for relationships. This stone links to the higher self and teaches tact and diplomacy.  In healing, Watermelon Tourmaline encourages regeneration of the nerves, especially in paralysis or multiple sclerosis, treats stress and dissolves any resistance to becoming whole once more.