Merlinite has magical attributes that help blend spiritual and earthly vibrations together, grounding them in the body and helps to access knowledge of spiritual and shamanic realms that it holds, including reading the Akashic record. This stone is attuned to all the elements. It clears blockages , bringing about profound change and brings magic and luck into your life.

Spiritually a stone of equilibrium,  merlinite’s dual colouring brings balance and harmony to masculine and feminine energies, conscious and unconscious, intellect and intuition and turns. negative experiences into positive learning.

Note:  Merlinite contains toxic material and is best used tumbled. Wash hands after use.

Healing:  Merlinite promotes the circulation of energy and oxygen around the body. It slows processes down or stimulates as appropriate, increases energy flow along the spine and through the brain, harmonies the nervous system, balances masculine and feminine energies, supports the respiratory and circulatory systems, intestines and heart.  A great ally to any Crystal Healer

Chakra: ALL