Malachite clears and activates the chakras, absorbs negative energies and pollutants, from the body, atmosphere and earth and opens the heart to unconditional love,  supports friendship, helps break outgrown ties and develops empathy. Malachite is also known as  ‘the money stone’ as it is said it can  assists in helping us  discover ways to grow our money without risks.  An amazing stone, it assists when there is a need to breaks patterns, encourages risk-taking, helps with problem solving and finding your path forward.

Note: Malachite may cause slight heart palpitations, in which case remove immediately and replace with Rose Quartz or Rhodonite.

Note:  Malachite contains toxic material and is best used tumbled. Wash hands after use.

Healing: Malachite is an extremely versatile healing stone.  It is particularly useful for crampse. This stone lowers blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis, growths and tumors,  It aligns DNA and cellular structure, and enhances the immune system. Malachite stimulates the liver to release toxins, reducing acidification of tissues.

Chakra:  Heart, Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus