Magnetite possesses powerful positive and negative magnetic qualities creating dual actions of energizing or calming, attracting or repelling and balancing and can be used as magnetic therapy on the biomagnetic field and meridians, and in earth healing.  It attracts love, commitment and loyalty, balances the intellect with the emotions, bringing inner stability and helps to find a balanced perspective. This stone alleviates fear, anger, grief and over-attachment and brings in tenacity and endurance and shows a way out of a difficult situation. It acts as a grounding stone, connecting to earth energies and aligns the chakras and the meridians of the subtle and etheric bodies, Magnetite aids telepathy, meditation and visualization and brings trust in your own intuitions.

Note:    Magnetite contains toxic material and is best used tumbled. Wash hands after use.

Healing:  Magnetite is a powerful healer as it is an anti-inflammatory, helps to heal muscle strains and cramp, stimulates sluggish organs and sedates over-active. Is highly beneficial for asthma, as well as the blood and circulatory system, skin and hair.Use for nose bleeds. Magnetite provides the healing energy necessary for recovery.

Chakra: Aligns ALL